App/Web Development

Need code? No time? No problem. Our job is to deliver amazing code so you can focus on your job. We build stunning websites and applications for every business needs—from public facing to internal tools, or anything else you may think of. With our diverse knowledge of new and current technology stacks, coupled with our experience in agile software development methods, we craft solutions that best fit your requirements, budget, or time constraint.

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  • Content Management System (CMS)
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  • Proprietary Tech Development
  • SaaS
  • Security Optimizations
  • Web Services

Platform Implementation

CMS, CRM, SaaS, PaaS, API, SDK, Cloud-this and framework-that, OMG WTF? We'll simplify, so you can focus on ROI. We live and breathe technical jargon you frequently hear about with this-platform or that-framework. To us, they are not buzzwords, but technologies we use daily to build and deliver great solutions. Whether you need a new website built on the latest CMS or a customized implementation/integration solution based on proprietary PaaS technology, we've got you covered.

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Brand Identity & Design

Much more than a logo, Solution Fuse's brand identity is the intersection of strategy and design. We help create iconic identities and build strong emotional connections that attract, educate, and inspire your target audience. Our brand identity process includes defining your business goals and objectives, conducting and analyzing primary research, and launching a full visual exploration of how you see yourselves and your place in the market.

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Digital Strategy

Sorry to break it to you, but posting cat videos doesn't count as a winning strategy. We deliver performance-driven digital strategies with lasting impact to help you get discovered online. Whether you need design and development of websites, microsites and applications, third-party integrations, social media voice, email marketing, SEO, or a unique campaign for outreach—we'll help you along the whole way. You've worked hard to create a great product and a strong brand, let us help you get the word out.

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Have a project in mind? We'd love to hear more. Tell us about it.

Ongoing Maintenance

We'll take care of the boring day-to-day upkeep of your properties. Avoid unexpected outages as it will diminish your brand reputation as a result of poor customer experience (CX). Our retainers for maintenance and support provide 24 hours peace of mind and assurance that your site is up and functional, safe, secured, updated, and optimized. We work to prevent any and all downtime, but if it does occur, expect us to spring into action to triage outages on your site to get things restored ASAP. This support is crucial for the life-cycle of your property by not only providing you an emergency response team, but also in helping you scale up, down, or sideways in order to keep up with your business. All important things no one wants to even think about—let alone, do—except us. But go ahead and tell your boss you did it.

Infrastructure & DevOps

We understand the black box that runs your sites and apps, so you don't have to. No single website or app is identical, both in function and in requirements, and thus a one-size fits all approach to your server and technology stack rarely makes sense. We take care of the planning, provisioning, capacity scaling, and ongoing maintenance needs of your servers and databases. Our dedication extends to providing 24x7 DevOps for any/all critical issues in your infrastructure such as network or server outages or reaching capacity ceilings, and we provide immediate remedy support. We take a proactive and preventative approach to securing and monitoring your servers and network infrastructures, giving us real-time awareness of threats while thwarting potential attacks. So sleep well knowing that your servers will be humming along smoothly.

Technical Consulting

We're like that friend you take with you when buying a car. Avoid potential costly mistakes and setbacks by first consulting with people who know technology. No need to again blindly decide on what technologies to use based on the buzzword you hear from that guy in your yoga class. Bring us to your next meeting with project stakeholders, and we'll be your technical voice. We're here to help you make informed decisions based on our experiences and provide the voice of reason you need for your next project.

Staff Augmentation

When people say they "have a guy" that helps him with something, we're that guy. You may already have a development team for your website or application, but maybe there's a feature or upcoming addition that is beyond their breadth of knowledge. That's where we come in—integrate us into your team for as long as you need to get the project done. We work with you and your team under your established workflows to give you the manpower you need. We can even work under a "white-label" agreement so that our services appear seamless to your customers. Bringing on our expert staff as a way of extending your team is far more efficient and cost effective than hiring new and/or untrained staff.