Your brand is polished. Now make it shine with transactional emails.

Deliver a branded, consistent experience across every customer communication with our transactional email service.

Your brand is polished. Now make it shine with transactional emails
Optimize every transactional email experience from start to finish

Optimize every transactional email experience from start to finish.

Transactional emails are important to marketers. So much so that they often contain some of the most important information your company can send—and trigger eight times the open rate of traditional marketing emails.

Our transactional email service empowers you to create, edit, and optimize these triggered communications, all within the Campaign Monitor platform.


“Email marketing is core to our customer communications strategy. With Campaign Monitor's new transactional email service for marketers, we can now provide a consistent brand experience across all of our customer communications with one easy-to-use system.”

— Patxi Barrios, CRM Analyst & Acquisition Manager, Birchbox

Use the tools you love to make your transactional emails perfect.

Design and test your transactional emails with the same intuitive tools you use for incredibly effective campaigns.


Use our email builder or upload your own templates to match your brand with precision.


Every email you build with our email builder will be responsive for any inbox.


Improve your transactional emails with our testing tools to drive greater engagement and revenue.


Add a personal touch for proven success and better results.


Use our in-depth reporting to see how emails are performing and improve your results.

Get in-depth insights for every transactional email

Get in-depth insights for every transactional email.

The key to improving email performance is having visibility into what’s working. You’ll have interactive reports for open rates, click-through rates, and deliverability, as well as complete delivery logs for each type of email and recipient it was sent to.

Deliverability you can count on

Deliverability you can count on.

Transactional emails can be mission-critical for a business, so in addition to granular reporting, Campaign Monitor’s transactional email comes with world-class deliverability and reliability. For each email sent,you have a complete delivery log to ensure your emails are hitting the inbox.